Making wine analysis easy

The Y25 is an automatic analyzer that provides the enologist with complete information during the winemaking process.

  • 240 tests/hour
  • Cooling system for 30 reagent positions
  • 3 multipurpose racks for unchilled samples or reagents
  • Maximum precision dispensing system. CV below 2% with 3µl of sample
  • Automatic daily maintenance during equipment off and on
  • Automatic calibrator dilution to prepare the calibration line
  • Software specifically designed for enological analysis
  • Specific filters for 420, 480, 520 und 620 nm
  • Preprogrammed techniques validated by the BioSystems R & D Department that minimize user involvement
  • Simple, user-friendly interface based on user configured software
  • Dedicated reagents designed along with the Y25 to optimize the performance