Making wine analysis easy

Y15 represents a radical shift in how wineries operate, as it easily and effectively automates analyses to ensure top quality.

Y15 provides winemakers with comprehensive information throughout the entire wine production process.

Y15 is an automatic analyzer designed for enology laboratories. Regardless of the fi nal product (wines and spirits, liqueurs, sparkling or sweet wines, beers and ales, etc), the analyzer offers
multiple setup possibilities to readily adapt to the clientís needs.

Y15 is a smart investment. Together with Biosystemsí line of reagents, the system optimizes the use of laboratory resources. Y15 is a complete, turnkey system that ensures fi rst-class performance.


Y15 is an open system that allows the equipment to monitor the entire vinifi cation process and adjusts to the various sample types that must be analyzed by winemakers.

Small reagent and sample volumes per assay, low water consumption, and minimal maintenance help to reduce laboratory operating costs.

Continuous sample and reagent loading streamlines the laboratory process by adapting to the different volumes of work required by the seasonal nature of the wine (industry).

Quality control during the manufacturing process of the analyzer and the reagents allows us to ensure utmost reliability of the results.