SunCollect System


The SunCollect sample preparation device unifies four discrete instruments in one single unit:  SunCollect can be utilized for

  • MALDI-Spotting
  • Micro and Nano fraction collection
  • Continuous eluate and matrix deposition
  • Spraying of matrix and enzyme solutions

SunCollect is a compact unit that requires only a small amount of space and is completely biocompatible, since all samples and collected fractions are in contact only with PEEK and quartz.

Figure 1: Dimensions of the SunCollect multipurpose sample preparation device

The sample preparation is often the limiting factor for a successful MALDI analysis and can be time consuming in some cases. SunCollect is engineered for high precision in combination with a very fast movement. The spotting needle switches from spot to spot in less than a second while depositing very small and precise spots of <10 nl volume at the same time.

When Micro-HPLC or Nano-HPLC is employed to separate samples, the components of the sample are isolated as fractions in the same way as when analytical scale HPLC is used. In many laboratories, the fractions are deposited into microtiter plate (MTP) wells or spotted onto MALDI-MS targets for further investigation. The SunCollect MALDI-Spotter offers outstanding performance for collecting fractions using either approach. If desired, a single fraction can be saved in both formats at the same time by a unique “dual needle-splitter” design. When this approach is used, most of the fraction can be collected in the MTP well and a small volume can be spotted on the MALDI target including the matrix solution. Even if the volume of the fraction is large, the entire fraction can be collected and no eluant is lost. The control software is designed to be user-optimised and extremely simple to operate. It is very easy to enter new sample collection protocols or create new target formats. Moreover, a large variety of MALDI targets and MTPs of all common manufacturers are available preassigned.


Number of Targets max. 4 ABI Targets (100 or 192 spots)
Targets to which the system can be interfaced (ready or adaptable) Bruker; ABI; MTP (96 or 384 Positions) and any others
Needle Material Quartz; 360 μm OD. Please request information for other materials or diameters.
Time to skip to the next spot < 1 s (measured by change with ABI100 target between two neighboring spots and 2 mm Z-axis movement
Resolution of the Axis Movement X-Axis: 0.004 mm (0.00015“)
Y-Axis: 0.016 mm (0.000625“)
Z-Axis: 0.005 mm (0.000196“)
Number of Programmable Targets 4 simultaneous collection and spotting
Number of Fractionation Sequences No limit (dependent on capacity of hard disk)
Computer Memory Requirement Approx. 2 MB (256 MB RAM recommended)
Windows Versions supported Windows 2000; XP; Windows 7
Dimensions: closed lid W 36 cm (14.2“) x D 49 cm (19.3“) x H 40 cm (15.7“)
Dimensions: open lid W 36 cm (14.2“) x D 64 cm (25.2“) x H 85 cm (33.5“)
Weight 17 kg
Power Requirements 100 – 240 VAC 50/60 Hz (external power supply)
Dosing Pump
  • W 24 cm (13.4“) x D 18 cm (7.1“) x H 15 cm (5.9“)
  • 3 kg
  • 100 – 240 VAC
  • 50/60 Hz