SunChrom’s world patent

SunChrom is proud to announce the assignation of a world patent (WO 2017/025205 A1) on its SunCollect spray nozzle and spray procedure. The sprayer in combination with a unique spray procedure ensures to produce the smallest crystal size ever seen – just around 100 nm only!

Several SOPs or protocols are delivered along with the instrument: One for the perfect coverage of the target sample for lipid analysis and a further one for the extraction of small molecules; peptides or proteins.

The big advantage of this unique spray procedure is that an undesired washout of any compounds from the tissue is prevented. Whereas this phenomenon is frequently observed when the matrix solution is applied at high flow rates from the first layer on.

SunChrom’s newly patented spray procedure starts with a very low flow rate for matrix/solvent delivery and increases the flow rate within the first three layers. By this method the surface of the glass becomes porous, similar like tissue. It prevents the delocalization of analytes out of the tissue to the glass surface (no wash-out).

This procedure is crucial for a successful sample preparation for MALDI-MS.