Spare parts INTEGRITY™

The new INTEGRITY™ autosampler from Spark sets a new standard in sample care. A number of innovative features – for instance SBI™ (Sample Barcode Identification) and IPM™ (Injection performance monitoring) – ensure better and safer control of handling and tracking of samples.

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Part number and short description
Part number Short description
0950.852 extended wash solvent delivery
0950.860 HoMix™ (Homogenizer/mixer modul)
0950.861 SBI (plate/vial barcode scanner)
Important note: HoMix™ module must be installed for reading barcodes on vials
0950.862 ISS 6-port (one additional 6 port switching valve)
Note: max 2 additional switching valves can be installed
0950.863 HotCap™ (heated capillary)
0950.864 extended reagent delivery (3 additional reagent pumps)
0950.865 ISS 10-port (one additional 10 port switching valve)
Note: max 2 additional switching valves can be installed
0950.866 Prep LC (Serum sample needle, Prep vial adaptor, large-bore injection valve, 2.5 mL syringe and 10 ml sample loop)
0950.867 Bio-kompatible HPLC (PEEK injection valve and 100 μL PEEK sample loop, bio-needle)

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