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ALIAS™ is a generic autosampler for HPLC and LC-MS using state-of-the-art injection technology with fast injection and wash cycles. Its compact, stackable design and unrivalled performance makes the ALIAS™ autosampler the best fit for your HPLC system and your UHPLC system.

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Part number and short description
Part number Short description
0841.000 ALIAS™
0841.001 ALIAS™ cool
0841.200 ALIAS™ UHPLC
0841.201 ALIAS™ UHPLC cool
0840.840 Sample cooling (for ALIAS™ and ALIAS™ UHPLC)
0840.832 Metal free sampling (Bio-Version) für ALIAS™
0840.833 UHPLC kit for upgrading ALIAS™ to ALIAS™ UHPLC
0840.837 Prep kit (turns ALIAS™ into ALIAS™-Prep)
0840.834 ISS for ALIAS™ (Integrated Stream Switch)
0840.861 ISS for ALIAS™ UHPLC
0840.835 SSV for all ALIAS™ versions (Solvent Selection Valve)
0840.731 Syringe kit 250 μL (includes 500 μL syringe-buffer tubing) Note: this option is NOT controlled by Sparklink 4.0 and Symbiosis Pico software
0840.862 Syringe kit 1000 μL (includes 2000 μL syringe-buffer tubing plus larger i.d. sample needle and air needle)
0930.296 Driver for Analyst (Analyst is a registered trademark from Applied Biosystems)

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