Sample preparation SPE

Solid phase extraction for nano/micro HPLC / CE / CEC and Proteomics

Solid Phase Extraction is frequently used as a sample preparation procedure in Micro and Nano analyses. It provides a wide variety of techniques for sample adsorbtion and desorbtion when working with small sample masses and volumes.  The samples can be handled and manipulated in extremely small pipette tips.

Enzyme-in-a-Tip: These Tips contain different enzymes, which are immobilized on a SPE material. So enzyme reactions can be performed very fast and easily without sample loss. A self digestion of enzymes like Trypsin is significantly reduced by immobilization. The user may choose between several Tips.

The extraction material is immobilized in the pipette tip inner wall. These tips do not include a filter or polymeric bed and therefore provides the following benefits:
  • There is no contamination of the sample with foreign monomers or polymers
  • Extremely quick sample preparation with minimal sample loss
  • Sample volumes as low as 0.1 µl can be handled
  • Available in two sizes – for volumes from 0.1 – 10 µl and 10 – 200 µl
Product Maximum Binding Capacity Weight of SPE-Material
NuTip (1-10 µl) 1-2 Mikrogramm 30 Mikrogramm
NuTip (10-200 µl) 2-4 Mikrogramm 75 Mikrogramm

TopTip columns are standard columns that are filled with extraction material (instead of pipette tips). The user simply places a layer of the sample on the filter on the top of the column. The exit of the column includes a 1-2 µm filter so that the packing material cannot exit the column. These tips contain considerably more packing material and are designed for separation of larger sample volume or for more difficult separations. TopTips can be delivered with a large number of different column packings so that they can be used for a broad range of applications.

Product Maximum Binding Capacity Weight of SPE-Material
TopTip (1-10 µl) 400 Mikrogramm 4 Milligramm
TopTip (10-200 µl) 1000 Mikrogramm 10 Milligramm
The LC-Fiber is a PP or FEP capillary that is similar in nature to the NuTip. It has a 50 µm ID and the SPE material is immobilized in it. While the LC-Fiber is commonly used as a solid phase extractor it can also be employed for CE, CEC, Nano- or Micro-HPLC. Since this system does not have a filter, it can be used to work with very small volumes and the resistance to flow is relatively small.

Product Maximum Binding Capacity Weight of SPE-Material
LC Fiber 1.0 Mikrogramm 25 Mikrogramm
DiaChrom Tip™ is the latest development on this field. A common TopTip™ was equipped additionally with a dialysis tubing. The sample preparation follows two different methods:
  • Size exclusion
  • Adsorption or other mechanism like adsorption or affinity
Depending on “Molecular Weight CutOff” (MWCO) of bio-molecules like DNA, Proteins, Peptides, they may enter in the tip or excluded depending on their MWCO. Usually only small molecules can diffuse in the inner section of the tip and come in touch with the SPE material. On this way two separation modes complete to an orthogonal separation. This results a very specific condition of SPE.

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