Sample preparation SPE


Solid phase extraction with Triathlon:
sample cleaning, enrichment, analysis and fractions collection: all this with one instrument.

The preparation of the samples with complex matrix is increasingly changing from liquid-liquid-extraction into solid phase extraction. The advantages are obvious:

  • easier, faster handling without manual steps
  • much lower costs per analysis and less environmental impact
  • reliable because completely on-line
  • completely automation is possible
  • considerably higher sensitivity because the sample is transfered absolutely without dilution on the main column

The autosampler Triathlon by Spark is predestined for this task because the sample tray segments with vials of 4 or even 10 mL enables to use larger sample volumes. You can easily concentrate or pre-clean your samples with 2 additional switching valves that can be operated via the control panel of the autosampler or via the PC control software that is available optionally.


The holder for the pre-column, that doesn’t necessitate any tools, not only facilitate changing the pre-columns but also drop your laboratory costs. The pre-columns are available with almost all current separation media.

Sample cleaning and concentration corru via the 2 additional high pressure switching valves that are thermostated together with the extraction columns within the column heater Mistral. Thus the system is not only more reliable but also more reproducible and more competitive.



Solid phase extraction for nano/micro HPLC / CE / CEC and Proteomics

Solid Phase Extraction is frequently used as a sample preparation procedure in Micro and Nano analyses. It provides a wide variety of techniques for sample adsorbtion and desorbtion when working with small sample masses and volumes.  The samples can be handled and manipulated in extremely small pipette tips.


These Tips contain different enzymes, which are immobilized on a SPE material. So enzyme reactions can be performed very fast and easily without sample loss. A self digestion of enzymes like Trypsin is significantly reduced by immobilization. The user may choose between several Tips.


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