Probenvorbereitung – TIPs




Micro-Solid Phase Extraction and Sample Clean up for Biomolecules

NuTip™ is a revolutionary new solid phase extraction (SPE) cartridge in which the chromatography material is embedded on the inner surface of a pipette tip or capillary. This maximizes the surface area in contact with the sample. The lack of polymers or glue for embedding the materials prevents potential problems with contamination or permeability. Since the chromatographic media is embedded on the wall of the pipette tip, there is no resistance within the pipette-tip during the passage (flow) of the liquid sample. NuTip™ is available with more then 30 different media for various applications of sample clean up and concentration of biomolecules for HPLC mass spectrometry and MALDI. These tips are available in different sizes for sample volumes of femtogram to microgram range. For milligram samples, use our TopTip™ or spin columns.
  • Faster sample preparation with minimal sample loss
  • No contamination from the supporting matrix, filter or polymer
  • Sample volumes as small as 1 µL
  • Available in different forms and volumes
NuTip™ is a Glygen brand.



TopTip™ (Micropipette Tip Column) is a mini chromatographic column without frit or filter at the bottom and can be used with a micropipette or as a spin column in a centrifuge.
This is a unique concept in solid phase extraction (SPE). TopTip™ is a pipette tip with a fine slit at the bottom (slit width: 1-2 µm which permits liquid to pass through but retains the chromatographic material (20-30 µm) in the tip. This also eliminates the need for a filter and, thus, dead volume. TopTip™ contains just your desired chromatography material and nothing else and is excellent for working with small samples.
  • Faster sample preparation with minimal sample loss
  • No contamination from the filter material matrix
  • Sample volumes as small as a few microliter
  • Available in different forms and volumes
TopTip™ is a Glygen brand.