Column switching

MayLab and SunChrom provide a column selection module that is built into the MISTRAL column oven. Drivers for control via MayLab software for a variety of chromatography software packages are available and ensure that the module is extremely reliable, reproducible and meets the requirements for integration into a GLP system.

The MistraSwitch-System Solution

The MistraSwitch-System can be used for the selection of up to 10 HPLC columns at a constant temperature environment in the MISTRAL column oven. The system includes two MayLab MS400 controlled valves with an interface box and MISTRAL-Column Oven.

The features of this system include:

  • Separate electric heating and Peltier cooling to provide reliable temperature control from 5 to 90 °C (up to 75 °C if valves are present)
  • Unsurpassed temperature stability and precision (both values < 0.1 °C)
  • Rapid heating and Cooling (i.e. 3 °C/min)
  • Room for up to 10 300 x 4.6 mm columns
  • Valve switching speed less than 100 ms
  • Patented microprocessor controls valve position

A system is available without a MISTRAL column oven for users, who already have an oven already and the system is also available without an oven. The only requirement is a serial port, which is normally present in newer systems.

The figure at the right shows the stand-alone MultiSwitch column switching system, which is employed if the switching system is not to be installed in a MISTRAL column oven or if the columns are not to be thermostated.

User Interface

The graphical user interface application software is designed so that the user can instantaneously determine the status of the MultiSwitch. This simplifies the manual operation as well as the automated operation of the system and allows for overnight operation. The system can be controlled with laptop computers. Since new computers do not have two free serial ports; an USB-RS232 converter should be used to provide the necessary communication.


Software Compatibility

MistraSwitch is compatible with the following software and drivers are available for:
  • Agilent ChemStation®
  • Applied Biosystems / MSD Sciex Analyst® V. 1.4.1
  • Dionex Chromeleon®
  • EZChrom Elite®
  • Perkin Elmer Turbochrom / Totalchrom®
  • Jasco Borwin und Chrompass
These specially developed drivers ensure that operation of the MistraSwitch is integrated within the application software. The superb integration of the MistraSwitch driver and the application software ensures outstanding operation of the overall system

Valves and GLP

Two extremely reliable VICI High Pressure valves are employed with two MayLab valve drives in synchronous operation for column selection. If desired, the operator can manually switch the valves from high pressure operation to low pressure operation. Both valve drivers are controlled at the same time and report their position directly to the application software in order to meet the requirements of GLP protocols. In this way, every operation can be internally or externally monitored and all parameters are traceable at any time.

Order Information

Part number and short description
Part number Short description
0880.990 Column Switching Module for MISTRAL
0880.991 6-Way-Column Switching Module MultiSwitch
0880.992 8-Way-Column Switching Module MultiSwitch
0880.993 10-Way-Column Switching Module MultiSwitch
0880.910 4-Way-Column Switching Module MistraSwitch
with MISTRAL Column Oven
0880.911 6- Way-Column Switching Module MistraSwitch
with MISTRAL Column Oven
0880.912 8- Way-Column Switching Module MistraSwitch
with MISTRAL Column Oven
0880.913 10- Way-Column Switching Module MistraSwitch
with MISTRAL Column Oven
0880.915 4- Way-Column Switching Module MistraSwitch
without MISTRAL Column Oven
0880.916 6- Way-Column Switching Module MistraSwitch
without MISTRAL Column Oven
0880.917 8- Way-Column Switching Module MistraSwitch
without MISTRAL Column Oven
0880.918 10- Way-Column Switching Module MistraSwitch
without MISTRAL Column Oven
120.100 Software Driver for Analyst V1.4.1
120.101 Software Driver for Agilent Chemstation
120.102 Software Driver for Chromeleon
120.103 Software Driver for EZChrom Elite
120.104 Software Driver for Turbochrom/TC
120.105 Software Driver for Borwin/Chrompass

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