SunDigest – Inkubationskammer_alt

MALDI Imaging enzymatic on-tissue digestion

  • various parameters are monitored and visually displayed, such as humidity, temperature of the glass slides and other temperatures in the digestion chamber
  • temperatures precisely adjustable between 4 °C and 50 °C
  • water reservoir ensures humidity for the duration of the digestion
  • fast achievement of a saturated atmosphere
  • on-tissue digestion of several slides (2 x 5 cm)
  • standardized conditions
  • reproducible digestion procedure
  • full digestion process control by software
  • factory methods can be varied concerning the user’s needs

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MALDI Imaging Probenvorbereitung

Feuchtigkeit in der Inkubationskammer


Temperatur der Trägerplatte

slide temperature

Inkubationskammer SunDigest