SunFlow 2040

Gradient Box with Degasser

The Solvent Organizer SunFlow 2040 is suited for handling solvents in gradient systems. It accommodates a tray for solvent bottles, a built-in high-efficiency on-line degasser and a four-way gradient valve.

The degasser’s unique design assures reliable operations and the highest level of continuous performance available without the need for helium degassing. One unit may degas up to four solvent lines simultaneously. One additional channel is reserved for degassing of gradient valve output.

The extremely low internal volume of each Teflon-AF® channel (480 µL) offers very fast equilibration and very short startup times compared with PTFE degassing channels, which have the same degassing efficiency. The four-way gradient valve is controlled by the pump SF 2010. The pump’s new sophisticated electronics allows achieving precise low-pressure gradient, i.e. gradual changes of mobile phase composition by mixing up to four liquids at the pump’s entry.

It is also possible to predefine the percentage of composition when using the pump in an isocratic mode.

The gradient profile can be defined through the computer. Up to 6 solvent bottles may be placed into the tray.


Technical specificationsGradient valveGeneral
Degasser channels 5 independent
Degassing process Gas permeation through a fluoropolymer membrane
Maximum flow rate 10 mL/min.
Degassing capacity approx. 2 ppm at 1 mL/min.
Dead volume of degasser channel approx. 480 μl per channel for standard channel
Wetted materials PEEK, Glass-filled PTFE, Teflon AF®
Gradient valves  
Number of gradient valves 4 (A,B,C,D)
Maximum operating pressure 1.38 bar (20 PSI)
Orifice 0.062” (1.6 mm)
Wetted materials PTFE
Connecting thread ¼”-28 flat bottom
Power supply 100-240V; 50 – 60Hz; 20VA
Inside box dimensions (w x h x d) 267 x 56 x 305 mm
Dimensions (w x h x d) 280 x 135 x 498 mm
Weight 7 kg

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