SunChrom Autosampler

SunChrom HPLC Modules

HPLC System with intelligent modules


OPTIMAS™ with its three injection modes including zero sample loss injection rivals top-class autosampler performance, while challenging middle-class autosampler prices!

 ALIAS™ is a generic autosampler for HPLC and LC-MS using state-of-the-art injection technology with fast injection and wash cycles.

Advantages of the SunChrom HPLC System

  • “stand alone” modules can be operated independent from any software control via our own user interface.
  • the modules are fully compatible with instruments of other manufacturers allowing free combination of new modules with established ones in good condition. –> ecological and economical benefit!
  • in many cases a combination of modules of different manufacturers is the best solution, since not all modules are equally well suited for specific tasks.
  • modular and space-saving
  • individually tuned for highest performance
  • robust with automatic pulsation optimazion
  • solvents are degassed and mixed with high precision