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With the SunCollect System you may generate crystals in matrices with the size of 100-200 nm by using α-Cyano-4-hydroxycinnamic acid (CHCA) for your MALDI Imaging sample preparation

Currently the smallest crystals in matrices – by the use of optimised spraying technique

Homogeneous matrix layer of CHCA

Extremely small crystal size of 130-140 nm (!)


The SunCollect spray technique provides numerous advantages:

  • SunCollect is a multi-purpose instrument; this unique MALDI matrix sprayer can be converted by the user within few minutes into a state-of-the-art MALDI spotter (interface between Nano-HPLC and MALDI MS or micro/nano fraction collector for 2D-HPLC purposes)
  • Patent pending multi-layer technique enables high efficiency in analyte extraction and preserves spatial resolution
  • Very fast deposition of each layer within a few minutes (approx. 50 seconds per layer for a standard glass slide = 75 x 25 mm)
  • Very homogeneous tissue coverage with any matrix or enzyme solution
  • Enzyme and matrix solutions can be applied with different very effective procedures
  • Number of standard procedures for matrix or enzyme application
  • Instrument parameters can easily be optimized for each sample by number of accessible parameters

Due to several, easily understandable parameters it is possible to achieve an extremely small crystal size for matrices. E.g. CHCA can be sprayed with crystal sizes less than 150 nm (!), which is not even possible to achieve by sublimation method.

Usually only lipids can be analyzed with matrix coverage by sublimation. All other compounds like small molecules (e.g. pharmaceuticals, preservatives, herbicides etc.), peptides or proteins need to be extracted out of the tissue.

Numerous scientists keep with matrix covered tissue after sublimation process up to 72 hours in a high humidity environment in order to achieve acceptable extraction. Mainly they are dealing with proteins which do not move by diffusion as fast as small molecules. However, for those scientists it appears to be acceptable that the small molecules are making a fast movement or leaving their original position.

Nevertheless, it is desirable to have a sufficient extraction in combination with small crystals just by matrix coverage by a spray procedure. The short time effort as well as keeping spatial resolution and small molecules at their original places is gaining better results. SunCollect is covering all these desired features perfectly.

The majority of proteomics scientists are trying to digest proteins of a tissue after enzyme application by a “homemade” digestion chamber with their well-known disadvantages. SunChrom developed a unique state-of-the-art digestion instrument. The “Sun Digest” enables to compare digestion results between different labs and persons in a uniform manner of day-by-day and year-by-year reprocibility. In addition to its other advantages the digestion temperatures of SunDigest can be selected from 4 °C up to 50 °C. Hence the digestion time can be reduced from classical 16 hours at 37 °C to only 1.5 hours at 50 °C providing significant higher efficiency.


SunCollect by SunChrom is by far the most effective and flexible instrument for MALDI-MS sample preparation, namely MALDI spotting besides nano/micro fraction collection for 2-D HPLC and matrix coverage for tissues for MALDI Imaging. Together with SunDigest the SunCollect is the most complete MALDI sample preparation system for protein digestion on the market from one source.

NEW: SunChrom HPLC-System

The new SunChrom HPLC 2000 system is
– modular and space-saving
– individually tuned for highest performance
– robust with automatic pulsation optimazion
– up to 4 solvents are degassed and mixed with high precision

● Pump SunFlow 2010
● UV / VIS Detector
SpectraFlow 2020
● Thermostat
SunTherm 2070
● Organizer
SunFlow 2040


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