FAQs about SunCollect

Why is the price for SunCollect lower than for other comparable instruments, although its performance is much better?

Its producer SunChrom is a small company without a cost-intensive overhead. All employees are specialists in their field. A flat hierarchy allows quick decisions and therefore an extremely fast reaction on customizing scientific requirements. New features are incorporated sustaining the present ones.

Does the SunCollect require frequent maintenance?

Definitely not. All moving parts are „over engineered“. For instance the vertical Z-axis can move approx. 250 g minimum 1.000 hours without failure; but the weight of the spray head or spotting needle is less than 20 g. In more specific terms, this means that all mechanical parts are at least ten times over engineered.

Does the three axis movement need to be cleaned and/or adjusted once in a while?

No, because all movements are made of so called “linear movements“ with recirculating ball bearing and permanent greasing. The X-axis is completely encased and the other two axes are extensively dust protected.

Do the linear movements require any re-adjustment?

No; they are maintenance free and zero tolerance type.

Do the fluids get in touch with metal?

No, because all fluid lines are made of PEEK, fused silica or Teflon. Therefore SunCollect and its options are bio-compatible and strictly metal free. No signals of copper or another metal adduct will be detected. Whereas using an air brush may falsify the results and lead to misinterpretation of MS spectra.