MicroTherm 40


The temperature of a chromatographic column is an important value for:

  • Constant and reproducible retention times of peaks
  • Keeping the selectivity stable
  • Prolonging the column life time
Although this important issue is well known to all chromatography users and in the meantime most analytical column are thermostated, a care of micro and nano columns is not established at all. One of the reasons is that no appropriate oven with small dimensions was available. Especially small ID columns with very low mass the external temperature influence more significant because of the low mass. Any ambient changes will effect an immediate response. These phenomena could be shown impressible during our development. The flow rate through a nano column increased if the user came closer to the unprotected column. Not only the flow rate is changing, but also the selectivity. If these two parameters fluctuate, no constant retention time can be achieved. Therefore SunChrom developed a special and very small column oven, the MicroTherm 40 accommodating micro or nano column up to 1 mm ID and 150 mm length. The column oven is adjusted to 40 °C during the production matching the mostly commonly used temperature setting, but it can be regulated by a small controller on the left side ±10 °C up and down. In order to keep the dimensions as small as possible no display and other typical items are built-in. Therefore it became with a total lentgh of approx. 35 cm and with of approx. 4 cm the smallest oven on the market. This ensures the shortest capillary connections from the injection valve to the column and from the column to the detector or MS.

Column Oven MicroTherm 40

Ordering No. 0885.040