Autosampler OPTIMAS™

Reliable, no-nonsense HPLC autosampler

Optimizing your injection automation, using reliable injection technology, with a carousel holder for sample vial flexibility. OPTIMAS™ features our proven PASA™ injection concept, combining robust injection with high precision and accuracy. With its three injection modes including zero sample loss injection, OPTIMAS™ rivals top-class autosampler performance, while challenging middle-class autosampler prices!


Keypad control for easy combination with any HPLC system

OPTIMAS™ does not need a PC for programming and control because it has its own keypad. No need for a software driver to integrate OPTIMAS™ in your HPLC system – you are free to use the data acquisition package of your choice.

Sample cooling without restricting sample access

OPTIMAS™ can be equipped with sample cooling using a contact cooling concept, which provides efficient cooling without the need for extra insulation of the sample tray. The sample tray thus remains easy accessible, allowing to place extra vials in the tray even during run.

From micro samples to prep samples

Sample trays come in three configurations:

  • 96 # standard or 2-mL vials or tapered vials for micro volumes
  • 84 # standard 2-mL vials plus 3 # 10-mL vials used for reagents
  • 24 # 10-mL vials for large injection volumes
  • Trays can be changed within seconds

Reagent addition and mixing

Internal standard addition, sample dilution, or derivatization steps are easily programmed to reduce sample preparation time and errors associated with manual procedures.

Reassuring reliability

Our Pressure Assisted Sample Aspiration (PASA™) concept avoids sample-syringe contact and air bubbles and has proven its robustness in more than 25.000 autosamplers. Reassuring numbers if you demand a reliable Autosampler for your HPLC instrumentation.


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