Autosampler INTEGRITY™

The new INTEGRITY™ autosampler from Spark sets a new standard in sample care.

  • sample and tray bar code reading
  • ‹ 20 sec injection cycle
  • true 4 °C sample cooling of all samples
  • injection performance monitoring
  • vial bottom detection – inject 1 μL out of 1 μL
  • advanced wash capabilities to eliminate carryover
  • dual independent concentric needle concept
  • optimized for UHPLC
  • advanced reagent addition and derivatization
  • integrated on-line sample prep capabilities
  • up to 4 well plates or 216 standard sample vials
  • flexible workstation for many liquid handling needs of analytical samples

Sample care first

A number of innovative features ensure better and safer control of handling and tracking of samples – ensuring that you feel much more confident about the results.

SBI™ – Zero doubts on sample identity

1D and 2D sample and sample tray identification codes can be read, filed and linked to sample assay results. It is even possible to record an image of the vial during sampling for visual verification of the injection and the sample vial afterwards. Combined with positive feedback motion control for the sample tray positioning, the risk of assigning results to the wrong sample is zero.

IPM™ – Injection performance monitoring 

Injecting the proper sample is one thing but how to verify that the injection itself has been performed correctly? The answer is pressure monitoring of the sample flow path during the entire injection cycle! Pressure profiles of injection cycles are recorded for every injection and by comparison with reference profiles, indications for malfunctioning caused by blockage, leakage, air bubbles, needle damage, valve problems, etc can be easily recognized in case of suspected erroneous results.


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