Autosampler ALIAS™


is a generic autosampler for HPLC and LC-MS using state-of-the-art injection technology with fast injection and wash cycles. Efficient, multi-solvent needle wash virtually eliminates carry-over. ALIAS™ handles well plates and sample vials, either open or sealed, and provides true 4 °C sample cooling.

Its compact, stackable design and unrivalled performance makes the ALIAS™ autosampler the best fit for your HPLC system and your UHPLC system.


ALIAS™ is also available as a UHPLC compatible version permitting injection into UHPLC systems operated at pressures as high as 18.000 psi (= 1.285 bar = 128,6 MPa). A special injection routine has been developed to eliminate influence of sample loop decompression on injection performance. The UHPLC version can also be equipped with sample cooling.


A special modification for large volume injections turns the ALIAS™ into a perfect injector for your preparative LC system. The ALIAS™ Prep version holds 24 vials of 10 mL and uses a 2.5 mL syringe. Needles, tubing and sample loop have larger capacity and allow rapid injection of sample volumes up to 10 mL.


  • Metal free sampling with silica coated steel needle and PEEK valve (option)
  • Reagent addition and mix capabilities for derivatization, dilution, internal standard addition
  • Solvent Selection Valve (SSV): Optional 6-port solvent selection valve for extended selection of reagents for needle wash and reagent addition (option)
  • Integrated Stream Switching (ISS): Optional extra high pressure 6-port switching valve for column switching or other stream switching applications up to 18.000 psi (= 1.285 bar = 128,6 MPa)
  • Quick-fit injection valve for fast service
  • Very efficient cooling of the sample and the entire sample space


Since ALIAS™ does not provide its own user interface like keypad or display an appropriate software for  instrument control is required. There are two different solutions:

  • Spark-Link This software will be delivered with the instrument for using the main functions of the instrument.
  • SCPA-ALIAS control software ALIAS™ has more capability and features, described above, not only injecting samples or switching valves etc, but much more. Beside a very comfortable programming of injections, dilutions, derivatisation, needle cleaning and much more makes out of a „only sample” injector a fully automatic sample robotics with nearly unlimited features and possibilities.


Spark has more than 25 years of experience in autosampler development and innovation. The concept PASA™ – (Pressure Assisted Sample Aspiration) avoids sample/syringe contact and air bubbles. The system and has proven its reliability in more than 20,000 autosamplers.


ALIAS™ and ALIAS™ UHPLCALIAS™ PrepInstrument controlSafetyCompliances
Injection modes
  • Full-loop
  • Partial loop-fill
  • μL-pick-up (zero sample loss)
Pressure Assisted Sample Aspiration (PASA) using approx. 10 psi (0.07 MPa) pressure to avoid airbubbles in sample lines.
Injection volume Programmable from 0 – 9999 μL in 1 μL increments Max. injection volume depends on installed sample loop and injection mode
Injection precision
  • Full-loop injection < 0.3 % RSD
  • Partial loop-fill < 0.5 % RSD
  • μL -pick-up < 1.0 % RSD
For injection volumes > 5 μL
Sample viscosity 0.1 – 5 cP
Injections per vial/well max. 9
Syringe volume
  • 500 μL standard
  • 250, 1000 and 2500 μL optional
Needle wash Inside and outside needle wash with drying. Wash can be programmed between injections and between vials/wells.
  • 1 solvent
  • 5 additional wash solvents
Programmable volume from a 250 μL wash reservoir
SSV option required
Injection cycle time < 60 sec < 20 sec, with typical 10 μL injection (loop fill with rinse buffer)
valve switching time 60 msec
Wetted parts SS316, PTFE, Tefzel™, Vespel®, glass,
For Bio-kit option: PEEK and coated steel (needle) instead of SS316
Carry-over < 0,05 % with standard wash
Typically < 0,01 % with extra wash
“zero carry-over” can be accomplished with ALIAS™ wash capabilities
Sample capacity
  • Microtiter plates: 2
  • Vials: 2 x 48 (1.5 mL) or
  • 2 x 12 (10 mL) – optional
Microtiter plates according to SBS standards. 96-well high and low and 384-well.
Maximum vial/MTP height 47 mm including cap
Sample cooling Factory installed option (Peltier technology)
  • Minimum: 4 °C ± 2 °C
  • Maximum: ambient temperature -3 °C
Measured as air temperature in sample compartment for ambient temperature max. 25 °C and max. humidity 80 %
  • 300 x 510 x 360 mm (w x d x h)
  • 300 x 575 x 360 mm (for ALIAS™ cool)
  • 19 kg
  • 21 kg (for ALIAS™ cool)
Max load on top cover 65 kg
Power requirements
  • 95 – 240 Volt AC ± 10 %;
  • 50 – 60 Hz;
  • 200 VA
Sound pressure level LeAq < 70 dB
Working temperature 10 – 40 °C Indoor use only
Storage temperature -25 °C to +60 °C
Humidity 20 – 80 % RH
 ALIAS™ Prep
Injection modes Partial loop-fill
Injection volume Programmable from 0 μL to 19.999 μL in 1 μL increments Injection volume depends on sample loop
Sample loop 10 mL 1/8“ o.d. tubing with 1/16“ tubingends and fittings (Valco) Other loop sizes may be installed.
Injection precision < 1 % RSD For injection volumes ranging from 10 μL up to 50 % of sample loop volume
Syringe volume 2500 μL Syringe buffer tubing volume is 2 mL
Carry-over < 0.1 % Using standard needle wash
Injection valve Valco 0.75 mm ID bore
Sample capacity 24 vials of 10 mL (LSV) Maximum vial height 47 mm Minimum vial height 32 mm
 Instrument control
Outputs Single auxiliary output which can be programmed as inject marker(default), alarm, etc. Contact closure; Vmax = 28 Vdc/Vac, Imax = 0.25 A
Inputs 2 programmable TTL inputs. Free programmable as next injection (default), freeze or stop command
PC interface RS232 is standard Extra serial RS232 for Multilinkfunctionality allows upgrading for Symbiosis Pico Note: OEM versions can be with Ethernet, CAN, USB etc.
Software SparkLink 4.0 (included) Driver for Analyst™ Ver. 1.4.1 and up ALIAS™ Service Manager For rapid (remote) diagnosis of maintenance and failure issues by a service engineer.
Door-open sensor Needle movement speed reduction if door is open
Missing vial/well plate sensor User programmable response to missing vial: skip vial or stop running
Software malfunction “Watchdog” function in FPGA for embedded software control
Safety CE, CSA (UL), ROHS
Installation category II (according to IEC-1010)
Pollution degree 2
Quality ISO 9001 certified
Part number Short description
0841.000 ALIAS™
0841.001 ALIAS™ cool
0841.200 ALIAS™ UHPLC
0841.201 ALIAS™ UHPLC cool
0840.840 Sample cooling (for ALIAS™ and ALIAS™ UHPLC)
0840.832 Metal free sampling (Bio-Version) für ALIAS™
0840.833 UHPLC kit for upgrading ALIAS™ to ALIAS™ UHPLC
0840.837 Prep kit (turns ALIAS™ into ALIAS™-Prep)
0840.834 ISS for ALIAS™ (Integrated Stream Switch)
0840.861 ISS for ALIAS™ UHPLC
0840.835 SSV for all ALIAS™ versions (Solvent Selection Valve)
0840.731 Syringe kit 250 μL (includes 500 μL syringe-buffer tubing) Note: this option is NOT controlled by Sparklink 4.0 and Symbiosis Pico software
0840.862 Syringe kit 1000 μL (includes 2000 μL syringe-buffer tubing plus larger i.d. sample needle and air needle)
0930.296 Driver for Analyst (Analyst is a registered trademark from Applied Biosystems)

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